Aug 14 2005

What is this thing called "Danger?"


What does this really mean? I have heard people talk alot about being a “Dangerous Christian” this week. I have even seen people who have the air of “danger” about them; acting and behaving in an abnormal way. But what then does it mean to be truly dangerous? Because you see, I don’t think I’ve been very dangerous lately. Oh sure, it’s easy to say you live the dangerous life, right?

Maybe being dangerous isn’t about planning some “extraordinary” event, or even acting in a different way. Maybe being dangerous is about letting the Holy Spirit guide you to places you were afraid to go. To engage in a lifestyle the He directs; not one you choose to live safely within. I read last week about how easy it is to call yourself a “Christian,” but to be really dangerous means to be a “Christ Follower.” To be a Christ follower involves three active components: (1) Christ must come first; (2) You must listen to Him, and (3) You must follow, not lead. This is certainly a lot different from being a Christian. You see, many people call themselves “Christians” because that is safe, easy, and requires no actions. We have too many inactive Christians already. I think God is calling us to be dangerous because it’s time for action. It’s time to go forth and be Barbarians, to be the “mushroom eaters,” to live dangerously in the will of God.

How much longer will we dwell in our own questions when God is looking for the response? He has been asking the RIGHT questions all along. He wants us to be dangerous and say yes! Answering the questions from God seem to be a much more difficult task. They require action; they anticipate the danger ahead. God has prepared us to answer – so why do we insist on asking the questions? In reality, the answer is much more important than the question.

What will your answer be? Safety or Danger? Action or Inaction? Christian or Christ Follower? For me, the answer is obvious: it is time to simply say “Yes.”

(Goldie’s thoughts reprinted with permission from the MH Emerging Leaders blog)

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Aug 9 2005

Goin’ to the Windy City

A group of us are headed to Chicago today for a short Multi-Site conference. Willow Creek has invited pastors of multi-site churches to engage in a one-day forum. I can’t wait to see what they have to talk about. There is the sense that God might reveal some insight as to the future of MH. Is multi-site the answer? What type of multi-site strategy do we use? All this and more coming up on this week’s episode of….Goin’ to the Windy City.

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Aug 8 2005

Joy Quotient

Bryan mentioned a phrase this weekend that really caught my attention – “joy quotient.” I thought that this phrase had some excellent applications. What is your joy quotient? How does this relate to God? It seems to me to be directly related: the more you let God plan your agenda, the higher your JQ. When we fight against this, when we do the “human” things, when we highlight our own agenda, ultimately our JQ goes down. It may appear to be high in the moment, but I would suggest that this isn’t truly joy; it is merely a momentary high that cannot last.

So the question is this – what is your Joy Quotient?

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Aug 4 2005

Salty Dogma

I just read about an interview with Bono, the lead singer for U2. He likened his spiritual journey to that of Grace and not Karma. I thought this was an interesting analogy and one I had never thought about. Most religions believe in Karma – what you do will come back to you somehow, whether good or bad or both. Grace however, is God forgiving us for what we have already done and will do. The only thing that comes back to us is His love. What a concept!!

As Bono states, “…I’d be in big trouble if Karma was going to finally be my judge.” For Bono as well as me, we will put our faith in grace.

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Jul 28 2005

Spiritual Co-Dependency

We had an interesting discussion this morning in our Emerging Leaders group. A friend of mine brought up the fact that sometimes he feels overwhelmed by new “Christ-Followers” that have come to trust him for guidance and wisdom. While this is certainly an admirable trait of his (and he is one of the most humble men I know), he was exhausted from helping those he has helped in their journey.

The question then becomes how we help relatively new Christians as they continue their journey. We have to realize that everyone is at a different “click” on the journey track. Even those who are still trying to figure stuff out are still on the journey track. It is easy to think of this in terms of a horizontal line stretching from left to right with the center being Christ. The journey comes before, during, and after Christ.

I wonder though…what if Christ is not ON the line, but rather in a multi-dimensional aspect is above, below, around the line, etc. Christ is omni-present. This concept makes more sense. The ultimate goal in a visible term however, is to move from left to right on the journey. How do we help those who move along the track? I think Christ would say that we help them by sharing reality with them. By sharing life. Our story. Their story. HIS story. It doesn’t really matter where someone is on the “line” but it does matter whether we find ourselves on the line with them; sharing in the journey together. If we share in this journey the way Christ has showed us, then there is no doubt that we will move along this line together. It may only be one click at a time, but we will continue.

I am not sure where all of this is going, but my friend understands the complexity of this subject. He understands what it means to live like Christ. The journey is difficult. But He has shown us the path. Will we, as my friend has so bravely found, have the courage to follow?

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