Jun 21 2007

22 Confessions…

For all you Dell lovers out there (that’s not me!) – you might find this post interesting. It’s been getting a lot of press (and Diggs!) recently – both from readers and from the Dell corporation itself. Be sure and check out both of Dell’s responses – the before AND after. Happy reading!

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Jun 19 2007


Tim and Kem (Hey! That rhymes!) have started a new podcast for the Innovate Conference. You can find it here. Tim and his ex-partner in crime Tony used to record one of my favorite podcasts – the “Simply Strategic Show.” You can still find past episodes here.

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Jun 16 2007

Willow Arts Conference

The Willow Arts Conference just wrapped up. It would have been great to be there, but here are a few links to recaps of the event in case you missed it:

Willow Arts Conference Blog – this site has all the info, including video clips and highlights

Dave Ferguson and Eric Bramlett – these two made several appearances at this year’s event

Tim Stevens – as usual, some great thoughts on the conference

Kem Meyer – another Granger cat, she hosted a “cup o’ coffee” breakout session on blogging

These are just a few of the blogs I follow. For tons of blog references, go here and type in “Willow Arts Conference” and you’ll find more links than a sausage company.

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Jun 14 2007

Sex God

I just finished “Sex God” by Rob Bell. Before you razz me about being a fast reader (I just finished this review), let me just say that this book is an incredibly easy read (in terms of time, not content) and will take the average reader (that’s me!) only about 3-4 hours to consume.

Sex God is an interesting book to say the least. For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Rob Bell fan. Check out this photo of my son Seth and I during a past trip to Mars Hill Church in Grandville, Michigan:

I have been following him since I became a follower of Jesus. I love his insights into the delicate fabric of scripture, specifically his take on the Greek and Hebrew roots of today’s translations. I share a common interest in this area of knowledge as well.

Sex God captivated me from the start. I love chapter one. It gets a little weird from there. Bell is obviously concerned about the world, it’s politics, and the atrocities that plague it. There were a few parts in the beginning where the soapbox became noticeable to the reader. It quickly passed, but the thoughts stick with you. I was compelled however, to continue thinking about my goal of traveling and helping others across the globe. Rob’s passion definitely finds itself in sharing Jesus with a suffering world.

The book continues by explaining the connection between God, sex and just about everything else in the world. Both singles and marrieds will find content of interest with this book, so I highly recommend this for both audiences. There were points that I was smiling from ear to ear, others that brought me to tears, and another where I just had to thank my wife for choosing me from over 6 billion people in the world (quite a thought…if you stop and think about it for your own relationship!).

Bell will definitely stimulate your thinking and provoke some interesting conversations. Take time to read this book – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Stick with it, get past the political grinding near the beginning, and enjoy his unique style of writing and blend of wit, humor and of course, biblical foundation.

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Jun 13 2007

I’m A "Pro"crastinator!

Greg points us to this site. Man can I relate! Take time to read the definition of “structured procrastination” – you just might find a bit of yourself in there (and a good laugh as well!).

We’ll be wrapping up the “Who’s Kidding Who” series this weekend. It’s been a great series – we’ve had tons of comments on how God is working on moms, dads and kids alike and it’s been amazing to see transformation and changed lives.

I’m pumped about this weekend as Bryan takes a new and different look at the “prodigal son” story. The band will be kickin’ it with the Daughtry tune “Home” – it could very well be a defining moment that will rock our church family. All I can say is this – don’t miss this weekend!!

Don’t forget to check out the Who’s Kidding Who Blog and leave a comment. Let us know how this series has impacted you or your family and some practical ideas that may help others. We’ll leave the blog up a few extra weeks for anyone that wants to join in the discussion.

See you this weekend!

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