Dec 12 2007

Jesus: Political Revolutionary?

I was talking with an old friend the other afternoon as we were both waiting on a concert to begin. Several minutes into our discussion he asked me a question I wasn’t quite ready for – Did I consider Jesus to be a “political revolutionary?”

My first response? Of course! I focused on the word revolutionary and immediately associated that with Jesus. Most everyone you ask would tend to agree. By His very own nature, Jesus was a revolutionary. There is no doubt that He revolutionized what it meant to be a worshiper of God, to seek the truth and know that grace is abundant. He absolutely changed the course of history! So to agree that Jesus was a revolutionary was not a very big leap.

But how about political? Was Jesus political? While Jesus never engaged in an active role in politics such as government or the state , was it fair to say the He had an impact nonetheless? Obery Hendricks Jr., in his book “The Politics of Jesus,” claims that Jesus employed seven political strategies during his time on earth:

“To say that Jesus was a political revolutionary is to say that the message he proclaimed not only called for change in individual hearts but also demanded sweeping and comprehensive change in the political, social, and economic structures in his setting in life: colonized Israel,” Hendricks writes.

It is true that Jesus changed the course of society by promoting care for the sick, healing those in need, feeding of the hungry and many more. Those are all hotly debated items in the political arena. Does this mean Jesus was a political revolutionary simply by association? Most political revolutionaries have used deadly force to accomplish their agenda. This is not true of Jesus. At His core He was a man of great love and compassion to say the least.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. I’m not sure there is an easy answer but I do know this – the conversation will be an interesting one! My friend and I closed our brief talk and I could see that gleam in his eye. He had been thinking about this one quite awhile and was no closer to a complete answer than he had been on first thought. But for that moment it didn’t matter – he had started another on the same journey.

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Dec 2 2007

Dreaming a God-sized Dream

I had a great conversation with a young man last week. He is trying to figure out what God is asking him to do with his one and only life. We had some great discussion and I was able to challenge him on his future. I’ve noticed that a lot of teenagers and twenty-somethings are wonderful dreamers, but if they aren’t challenged at some point they tend to fall into an idealistic trap. Here are three pieces of advice I gave him:

(1) Dream. Don’t stop dreaming. Some of the greatest ideas come from those who dream. There’s something incredible about creativity that is directed by God.

(2) Decide. Once you’ve explored your dreams, it’s time to decide. After careful prayer, thought and wise counsel, decide on a course that will honor God and achieve your goals. After all, you can’t keep dreaming forever.

(3) Do. You can dream and you can decide, but if you don’t develop a plan of action, nothing will be accomplished. Dreamers by themselves never changed the world – it’s the one who implemented a plan that made the dream a reality.

I closed our conversation by letting him know that there will be many people along the way who will tell him he “can’t do it.” Don’t give in! After all, with God all things are possible!

What advice do you have for today’s young adults?

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Nov 26 2007

Mega Map

The NY Times recently published a map of “mega-churches” across the United States.

Anyone up for South Dakota or Wyoming?

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Nov 26 2007

Keepin’ It Shut

Here’s some great advice from Steven Furtick: keep your mouth shut. Sometimes I don’t handle this as well as I should, but Steven shared a great story and then had some incredible words of advice:

Ever since I gave my life to Christ as a 16 year old, I tried to remain devoutly committed to the sacred practice of keeping my mouth shut when presented with the opportunity to say something negative about someone God is using.
Even when the criticism is valid (because even the most anointed people stumble and fall), I see no value in spreading the criticism like gangrene.
Now, if I have a relationship of influence with the person, I do my best to talk with the person about the issue in a spirit of love and encouragement.
I’m not talking about sweeping stuff under the rug.


But if I can’t talk to the person, I’d rather pray for them than talk about them.

Have you talked “behind the scenes” lately?

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Nov 22 2007

Merry Thanksgiving!!

I’m not sure why I’ve been calling it this…but a change of pace I suppose.

Today is Thanksgiving and we are at home watching the parade. My youngest, Emilee, has been captivated by this parade for the first time and she is actually watching most of it. Growing up, my mother and I always watched this parade every year – a great family tradition we are carrying on!

My wife, Melissa, and I took Emilee to the movie last night and afterwards we talked about Thanksgiving. I asked her what she was thankful for and her reply really blessed my heart. She first said she was thankful for her family and then for Santa (we’ve been asking her what she wants Santa to bring her) and then she paused, looked up at us and said, “And I’m also thankful for God.” What a moment!

I hope this day finds you and your family well and as the title says, have a “Merry Thanksgiving!!”

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