FINALLY! Haiti Update

I finally have some news on our trip to Haiti! I know, I know. Most of you are thinking, “I thought you were already supposed to be there?” Well, sometimes God has a WAY different plan than we could ever ask for or imagine.

We were scheduled to arrive in Haiti for the month of June with our friends Gerson and Heather Nozea (you can go back through the archives and read more about them). About three months ago, the Nozea’s experienced some unforeseen challenges in Haiti which redirected them back to the states. They have also recently found out they are pregnant! Gerson and Heather are going to finish their college education and see what the future holds from there. We are thrilled to have them back home in the states, but more importantly, thankful for all the work they have done for the people of Haiti – they have truly made a HUGE impact!

So where does that leave us? Obviously, we have been searching for a new organization to serve, but one that also aligned with where we feel God is leading us. For the past few months I have been in contact with various organizations, but this past Tuesday, God aligned an incredible meeting with several different organizations. Let me tell you about each of the organizations and then I’ll explain where we go from here.

  • The Bridge Community Church – our home church and a church full of Jesus. Tim Gray and Ben Durbin attended the meeting with us and to be honest, if it wasn’t for these two folks, I don’t think Melissa nor I would be anywhere near the path we are on today. We are eternally grateful for this church and its people.
  • Tennessee Valley Community Church – Pastor Steve Gallimore – what a fantastic fellow! I talked with Steve on the phone a few times and he put together the meeting with everyone involved. Steve’s church is helping to sponsor the two organizations below.
  • New Hope Missions International – an organization in the northern part of Haiti with an emphasis on building relationships in the community through churches and schools. Four ministerial locations have been established in northern Haiti: Limonade (1990), Biley (1991), Milot (1993), and Bas Aviation (1995).
  • New Life Haiti International – another organization in the northern part of Haiti. Debbie Hutchinson and her son Ric attended the meeting with us as well. Two fantastic folks who obviously love Jesus and want to redeem Haiti. They are doing TONS of work – you can read more about them on their website.

So what’s next? We’ll be leaving on July 1st for Quartier-Morin, Haiti (near Cap Haitien airport). We’ll be staying in a compound for 30 days with New Life Haiti International.

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What will we be doing? That’s a great question! We’re not really sure what God is up to so we’ll just take it one day at a time. New Life is busy working on a Children’s Home as well as several other projects. Melissa will be helping with clinics and other health care. We are going to simply serve and to share Jesus with a country full of hope and possibility.

There’s potential that I will have access to the internet so I’m hoping to keep a daily (or as frequent as possible!) blog update while there. We’ll have electricity and someone to cook two meals a day for us. And this time I won’t be sleeping in a tarantula field! 🙂 The northern part of the island is definitely more agricultural and a different pace of life from Port-au-Prince.

Because there are no airlines that fly into the Cap Haitien airport, we’ll have to charter a plane from Fort Lauderdale or Miami. And of course, now we’re staying in a compound instead of a house with friends. Due to both of these unexpected items, our cost of the trip has increased. Many of you have been fantastic and have already jumped in and became sponsors – THANK YOU!!! For others of you, would you prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor for us? You can donate directly via the Paypal link on the right, or shoot me an email: directly. We appreciate any and all help no matter how big or small!

I’ll be updating this blog over the next few weeks so please stay tuned. You can subscribe via this link or just check back in periodically. We’re incredibly excited about this new opportunity and can’t wait to share our journey with everyone!!

Grace and peace!

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2 Responses to “FINALLY! Haiti Update”

  • Tim Gray Says:

    Love the blog. It is a privilege to watch God disciple His people and then send them on mission with the Gospel — the good news that we were separated from a Holy God, and Jesus came down, lived a life that we could not live, died a death that we should have died, and rose from the grave so that we could trust His righteousness and hang out with a Holy Father in heaven. That is what Haiti needs is Good News, and there is no better news that THAT! It is fun to watch God gather his people from place like Hollow Rock and Paris, Tennessee – Mine La Motte & House Springs, MO to make this possible — FUN STUFF. To Christ be the Glory!

  • Heather Nozea Says:

    I’m glad you guys have found a ministry to serve with and plans have fallen into place! Just wanted to let you know that you don’t have to charter a plane to fly into Cap Haitian. You can fly to PAP on American or Delta, and then fly from PAP to Cap Haitian on one of the small in-country airlines. Tortug Air is the one we always use (along with all the missionaries we know who work in Northern Haiti). You should check it out– I’m sure it would be cheaper than chartering a plane. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences this summer!

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