Final Details Coming Together…

“All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…”

We have finally confirmed all our flight details and whew! It was definitely a challenge to put everything together! We are flying to the northern side of Haiti to the Cap Haitien Airport and there are no commercial airlines that fly into this airport. There are many different ways we considered, but finally decided to book a charter flight with IBC Airlines who fly cargo/passenger flights on a twin prop plane into Cap Haitien three times a week. They fly out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and while the latter was our smaller airport of choice, no flights were available for our schedule. SO…we’ll be flying out of Miami on July 1st and returning to the states on July 29th – exactly 4 weeks to the day!

We talked about driving down to Miami to save a few dollars, but this past weekend we discovered a “$99 each way” special to Miami via American Airlines. These sold out almost immediately, but I was able to get a deal very close to this so we are going to go ahead and fly instead of drive. Much less of a headache and of course, much less time consuming!

We are now busy packing and deciding what we actually need to take. We will also be taking some medical supplies and other materials to the local village clinics where Melissa will be helping. For those of you that can help, I will be posting a separate list of medical supplies that we are still trying to locate. It might be possible that you already have some of these supplies or know where you can find them. Stay tuned.

So much to do in the next week and a half! More updates to come!

Grace and Peace.

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