Just Around the River Bend…

I’m pumped about sharing a lot of exciting things that might be in store for this year. Some are just ideas spinning around in my feeble brain, while others will hopefully impact communities of people around the world. Let’s start with what I do know:

  • I’ll be blogging a LOT more this year. And not just to say I did, but to generate new ideas, toss about old ones, and strive to figure out how to share more about Jesus.
  • Creative Improv will be taking on projects that will bring about change. We’ve already started. We’re currently working on a project for a group who wants to bring clean water to all places in the world. We’ll be sharing more about them in the upcoming months on our website. Will your cause be the next?
  • My friend, Jon Phillips, has begun work on “Sharism” and I think you’ll want to know more. I’m not sure how this will effect what I’ll be doing, but I know you’ll want to learn more about Jon and his work.
  • I’ve had a project rolling around in my brain for the last year, and I think this will be the year it unleashes. More soon, but for now: Creative. Thinking. Project.
  • My family will be involved more in serving others. We’ve already started by adopting Tia through Compassion. If you haven’t adopted a child yet, I’ve officially challenged you. We’ll also try to find more practical ways to give back, serve, and love people better.
  • Haiti. Myself, my family and many others will continue trying to find creative ways to help the people of this country. We are so inspired by Gerson and Heather and are desperate to help. I’ll begin this week by sharing my journey through a journal I kept during my visit in June 2010, followed by a big announcement.
  • Teaching and Music. Creativity through music has always been a passion. I’ll continue teaching this year as I try to impact others through the love and joy of music. I’ll also continue to play professionally through as many opportunities as possible.

I’m sure there is a WHOLE lot more that God has planned for me this year. I guess I’ll have to buckle up for the ride and see what happens.

What does this new year hold? I’m expecting a lot and I’m hoping you’ll join me.

Grace and Peace.

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