Haiti: Day One (Part One)

The posts that follow are a brief description of daily events surrounding an organized trip to Haiti in the summer of 2010. There were 12 of us total plus one reporter from the Daily Journal in Farmington, MO. I have relayed each post as it was written in my journal so please overlook any grammatical errors or crazy talk. I will also try to include pictures along the way.

MONDAY, JULY 5th, 2010

We arrived at The Bridge Community Church early this morning – 2:15am. I didn’t get much sleep the evening before due to the 4th of July activities, but I did get to hang with the family and shoot off some fireworks. Mel, Seth and Emilee made the journey to drop me off.

We loaded all the luggage (and extra luggage for Heather and Gerson) and after a moment of prayer and last minute comments we departed for the airport. I rode with Tim Gray and four women. the women slept and Tim talked the whole way. Ha!

We arrived at the airport and it was absolutely slammed! Tons of people in line and we waited about 3o minutes to check in. Everything went smooth until the carry-on checkpoint downstairs. I forgot to empty one bottle of liquid so they emptied part of my backpack and sent it back through the x-ray machine. Never fear though – they passed me on through.

Our flight to Miami was pretty full. The flight was about 2hrs 45min. I tried to sleep some, but not much luck. I did manage to get a belly full of painful gas – maybe from the malaria medication perhaps? The Miami airport is decent but the food is very expensive. By the way – I did manage to score some Starbucks in St Louis – schweet! My stomach was still hurting in Miami so I just ate some crackers. We had a 2 1/2 hour layover. On the way back we’ll have a 5 hour layover – yuck!

We met some interesting folks in the Miami airport. There is another missions group going to Haiti as well. They are all dressed in “hot pink” shirts. Probably not the best idea to identify yourself that way. We also met a fellow who helps organize groups for missions and other relief projects. He was very helpful with misc. info for Haiti. He did manage to scare a few of the ladies by telling us that at the airport there will be as many as 200 people trying to “help” you with baggage. They will also try to steal purses, etc so we’ll have to be careful. Should be interesting – especially since I’m carrying extra cash for Ben.

On board the second flight now – a 1hr 40min flight. they even served us cheese and crackers – schweeet! Can’t wait to land – then an hour drive to Leogane. More to come!

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