Haiti Presentation

On October 21st, our Haiti team had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Mineral Area College Theatre. I say lecture loosely, because as I indicated that night, we are not really your “lecture” type of people. We’re simply a bunch of ordinary people whose journey intersected with the people of Haiti and who are now transformed in a way we never thought possible. Help us in getting the word out about this incredible country and the people who continue to see HOPE rising among them.

If you or your organization would be interested in having our team come and talk to you about our story, send me an email: goldie@bucketology.com. We’d love to share more with you.

Haiti Presentation Opening Video from Michael Goldsmith on Vimeo.

This was the opening video we used for our team’s Haiti Presentation. Special thanks to Daniel Bashta for permission to use selections from his “Dead Things Beautiful” Haiti Video and for his encouragement to continue to spread Hope across the world.

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