A Special “Grace”

Seven years ago today, our youngest daughter, Emilee Grace appeared in this world for the first time. An awesome miracle for a family who didn’t expect (and didn’t think it possible!) to have another child. Little did we know what an impact she would have on our lives!emilee_grace

Sometimes it feels like God has given our family a second chance to do things over again. He is a God of second chances right? Not that we were horrible parents, but we didn’t necessarily win any parenting awards in the past either. That being said, we have two other UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME kids: Kayla and Seth. They have been the result of many years of trial and error, the shotgun approach (try something and hope you hit it), and “learn from our own mistakes” styles of parenting. Thankfully, they survived.

Fast forward to today. We certainly don’t claim to be perfect parents by any stretch of the imagination, but with God’s help we have tried to do our best to invest in our kids and train them to leave home and conquer their dreams. I think we’re doing a little better these days. At least I hope so.

The time will come when we will look back with laughter, tears, (maybe fright?) and a host of wonderful memories we’ve shared with our kids. I’m afraid that time is coming all too soon. But for now, I want to enjoy the time we all spend together. The hugs. The smiles. The “I love you’s.” And for that special little girl who has blessed our lives more than she can ever imagine, I simply say, “Happy Birthday Ems – WE LOVE YOU!”

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