Are you a lover or a fighter?

I’m a lover not a fighter

Famous words quoted by many in the past (including our friend, Michael Jackson).  While this quote may sound good (and theologically grounded!), it’s much more difficult to put into actionWhat does it mean to love?

Do you love…

…when you’ve been decimated to the depths of your soul?

…when someone intentionally hurts you and your family?

…when the truth gets twisted and nobody seems to care?

…when friends suddenly turn their back on you?

It’s easy to love when things are going well, but when someone is truly tested (the gut-wrenching, head-twisting, heart-writhing, up-to-your-elbows tested in loving others kind)…how many make it?

Maybe the tougher question is this…when is it okay to fight? I’ve been challenged by the words of James (especially chapter 4) and the familiar saying that we shouldn’t judge our neighbors.  How many of us are quick with the tongue? I’m definitely guilty of falling into this category at times. Are there moments when we are justified in speaking out or should humility rule the day?

Anne Jackson talks about her pain in Chapter 11 of her latest book, “Mad Church Disease” and even offers a free download here. Check out what she has to say about healing after the hurt. While her story parallels mine and my family in an eerie way, I was more impressed with how she handled her challenges. Sometimes what we don’t say speaks louder than the words we could say.

So what corner do you find yourself in…are you a lover or a fighter?

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3 Responses to “Are you a lover or a fighter?”

  • Chris Says:

    Although my experiences do not parallel those of Anne Jackson’s, the things that she talks about in Chapter 11 can relate to situations other than in the Church. I have found that although I have chosen to forgive, I will never forget. I think that maybe we are not meant to forget. I have seen Gods grace in so many ways in the last 2 1/2 years, one of which is to believe, and to forgive. I chose to be a fighter… A fighter for my family, my life and of my faith. Thanks for sharing!

  • Katy Says:

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  • jhall Says:

    I guess I am both. I want to be a lover but I also want to be a fighter who shows everyone Jesus. When it comes down to it though, I am just a sinner that is so grateful for a loving God who knew everyone of my sins and faults and yet loved me so much that he sent his only son to die for me. I know that in this life there will be things that rock my world and things that I will never understand. I guess I would have to say I am a lover cause I want to be as like Christ as I can.. I never will be perfect.. I will fall short. but I always remember that no one can hurt us as much as we have hurt Jesus. Everyone of us has sinned and we are the reason why Jesus was nailed on the cross. Every moment of pain he went through was because of me. His reaction… Love..

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