Who’s On Your List?

A great visit today with my good friend John. It’s always a pleasure to sit back and enjoy a cup o’ coffee and some great conversation with him. John always makes me feel at ease and I always come away from one of our conversations feeling better about life than I did before. Thanks John, for another conversation, for taking time to refill my tank, and for always being someone I can count on. You can finish my thoughts better than I can!

If you don’t have someone you can sit down with and just be yourself, DON’T WAIT A SECOND LONGER!! It’s incredibly imperative to have at least one or two people that you can count on, have conversations with, let them in on the challenges in your life, and for them to speak truth into your life. Nothing can take the place of this!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Start a list on paper of people you think you might have a connection with – always make sure they are of the same sex as you!
  • Schedule a breakfast or lunch with them – don’t engage in anything other than “normal” conversation.
  • Make notes on your list of those people you felt a “connection” with – only mark those who you feel could be a potential match.
  • Narrow the list to no more than five people – two to three is preferable.
  • Begin to invest more time in the relationship – don’t be afraid to ask them to hold you accountable for certain things, to give honest feedback and to engage in deeper conversations

Strong relationships cannot be built overnight. They take time, commitment and patience. Nobody is perfect (not even you!) so don’t expect them to be! Most people have hundreds of acquaintances but very few close friends.

If you can develop a few of these relationships I promise that it will be worth the time and effort. It could potentially save your life, your marriage, your job and much more.

Who will you put on your list?

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2 Responses to “Who’s On Your List?”

  • John Says:

    Michael….you are welcome!!! I can “finish your thoughts” because we have been “connected” since you were my 6th grade band student…..right?
    However, the years we are living now are the very best years of our “connection”….and they will just get better and better. You wrote a great blog today…..and what you said really works. I am so glad that you are there to also listen to me….what a pair we are!


  • Jo Says:

    Awesome post. I know that I am looking forward to the friends that God is going to bless me with. Thanks again for the awesome post. I hope your voice is ready for another awesome game tommorow night.

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