Searching the Past

I just spent several hours going through old cassette tapes. WOW! Did those things bring back some memories! I heard everything from songs taped off the radio to my senior recital to tapes of several of the school bands I used to teach.

We’re in “de-clutter” mode at the house. I learned a lot about decluttering from this guy. We’re trying to simplify our house and ultimately our life. I’m finding it hard in stage one to let go of the memories from the past. It’s funny how attached we become to things that happened so long ago. I hadn’t pulled out those tapes for years, but they instantly brought back memories.

Where has life gone? It seems like yesterday when I was making those crazy cassettes and now I’m wiping off the dust. I guess I’m getting ready to enter a new stage of life but I haven’t quite gotten over the old stage. Change is difficult, but I have found over the years that once you settle in to a new routine, the past distances itself from the future.

So the next few weeks will bring much “change” and hopefully I’ll be ready for it! Any advice out there?

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5 Responses to “Searching the Past”

  • Keith Says:

    You are a part of Meadow Heights and you are asking about change? Yeah, right!

  • Michael Goldsmith Says:

    That’s funny Keith! I hadn’t really thought about it that way. I am totally in favor of change – except maybe when it involves my home life? I don’t know why that is so different, but for some reason it’s much harder for me.

  • MAC Says:

    Hey bucket breath! Change is easy as changing your underwear.

  • John Says:

    Do you REALLY change your underwear?

    Without change, you stagnate….so keep up the process and tasks you are now attempting to do at home.

    I am STILL going through memories as we try to eliminate the items in our house that we no longer need, have time for, or want. Not easy… you have heard me talk about.

    Good Luck!!!

  • Michael Goldsmith Says:

    It’s funny…I was riding to a gig with some folks tonight, and one of them commented on how they were cleaning out their basement tomorrow – getting rid of all the clutter from the past 20 years!

    Let the “de-cluttering” movement begin!

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