Hide and Seek

I am interested in this concept of “hide and seek.” It seems that God is (and has) always seeking us, but our human instinct is to hide. It’s sort of like the game, really. We hide, God counts to ten and then tries to find us. But we hide. Sometimes we hide really, really good. So good as a matter of fact, that we don’t want to be found. We want to stay hidden; separate; apart.

I like the idea of turning the tables. What if we began to seek, to find the answers. Or to at least begin the discussion, even if the answers never reveal themselves. Even better – what if we seek TOGETHER. In community. Community with God and with others. If you seek me, you will find me. Seek and you will find. I like this idea. It’s time to quit hiding and join in the adventure of seeking God – together.

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